How To Pick the best Sealents For Natural Hair

Here are plenty of oils that we use to make sure to keep our hair healthy. However, not all oils are equal since they have different functionalities. Some of them are known as moisturizing oils, and some are sealing oils.

This comprehensive post will outline everything about sealant oils and more importantly the best suitable sealants for natural hair.

What is sealing oil?

Sealant oil is an oil-based product that allows you to seal the hair shut. When moisturizing, we use the water-based product to infuse the hair with liquid, which boosts the hair’s strength and silkiness.

However, this moisture can easily leave the hair due to applying heat products or naturally.

Oils have larger molecules than water, so they block the porous hair strands. It helps to prevent the water from penetrating the hair. Using the oils, we cover the outside of the hair to make it less porous and seal the hair.

It seals the hair and repairs the natural seal to provide double protection, helping to lock in the moisture twice as much. Moreover, unlike moisturizing oils, sealing oils cannot penetrate the hair shaft.

Sealing Oil Vs. Moisturizing Oil

In a nutshell, the primary difference between these two oil types is moisturizing oils are water-based, while the sealants are oil-based.

While moisturizing something, we need to wet it first. In this regard, moisturizers are what we use to add moisture to the hair. This process is the most effective way to prevent hair dryness and brittleness.

As I have mentioned above, not all oils are equal since some of them have larger molecules than others. Using oils with smaller molecules penetrate the hair to make it soft from the inside and to give the impression of moisturizing.

These oils are thinner, and some examples include coconut oil, palm kernel oil, and sunflower oil.

Using these oils in large quantities will seal the hair, while moderate use will soak into hair to give a silky and smooth feel. On the other hand, oils with larger molecules like olive oil, argan oil, and avocado oil are far better sealants than oils with smaller molecules.

If you think your hair is getting dry, you need to moisturize it. Using water-based oils and keeping yourself hydrated will help you.

Moreover, using a thinner oil like coconut oil is also a great way to seal in the moisture. Using the sealant without moisturizing will give you nothing but dryness.

Sealing OilsMoisturizing Oils

Sealing oils tend to be oil-basedMoisturizing oils tend to be water-based.You don’t have to add any moisture.You can add moisturizing oil into the conditioner to get that extra shine during winters.They are used to lock in the moisture.They are used to add moisture.Since sealing oils cannot penetrate the hair shaft, they are useful for sealing in moisture.Moisturizing oils penetrate the hair shaft, so they provide moisture rather than sealing it in.

List of Top 7 Sealants for Natural Hair

Below is the list of the top 7 sealants for natural hair. These sealants are excellent in locking in the moisture while also retaining that silky feel and healthy look.

  1. Jamaican Black Castor Oil

  2. Grape Seed Oil

  3. Jojoba Oil

  4. Shea Butter

  5. Aloe Vera Gel

  6. Coconut Oil

  7. Olive Oil

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